Selling Doesn’t Have To Suck!

The Mary Poppins Bag Of Tools

  • Photography, virtual tours, video and Arial footage.
  • Fresh suggestions to make your home the obvious choice
  • Professional designers, stagers, cleaners, landscapers, and home organizers.
  • One touch showing appointment control from your mobile device.
  • Energy, smudging services, funhg shui (yes I have those too)
  • Understanding cultural appeal and knowing when we’ve lost a certain type of buyer based on unchangeable conditions in your home.
  • Strong social media understanding to have more eyes see your home.

There really isn’t a new way of selling homes, the rules haven’t changed, the tools have. First and most simply, if you’re thinking about selling your home, start cleaning it out. The less in the home the day it hits the market the -better, simple clean and spacious no matter the property is key. Paint is cheap, and make choices based on my suggestions, not what you like. If staging is going to get you that extra interest, and cash, think about it, seriously.

Everything Will Be Ok!

I get it, everything you’re thinking about is a possibility, but let’s focus on what we can do together to get you out of there. Once people decide to sell their homes, most of the time it can’t get done soon enough. So how to we work as a team to get that sold sign on your lawn and money in your bank?

Quality Photos are key, check out some of my glamour shots:
(Click on any pic to see a larger version!)

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